Tree-beard Lichen: Usnea

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Subtle amphibians live on these red cedarsin a frog-soft marriage of fungi and algae,inserting delicate web-tips into the deepest crevicesof their ancient hosts, and tempted up to rampart heights to overlookeight-hundred years of soaring solitude. Their vapour breaths dissolving air … Continued

Opening Pandora’s Botox

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GIVE me Michael Jackson’s lips, High my voice and slim my hips. BOTOX my wrinkles line by line, Depilated Frankenstein. LIPO-SUCK my butt cheeks dry, Belladonna big my eye. SPLICE my genes with Calvin Klein, Lift my face and recombine. … Continued

Y. A. Novel: Insect Youth

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“The insect youth are on the wing, / Eager to taste the honied spring.” Thomas Gray. When you hate and love, how do you choose? It’s 1970, the period of the 1967 Detroit Race Riot and assassination of Dr. Martin … Continued