My Honda 305 Dream Motorcycle Tribute

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(We’re Both Vintage Models)

Honda 305 Dreams

My body is a vintage motorcycle I struggle to keep running.
My plug, doesn’t spark like it used to, with that bright eagerness to throw my leg over a saddle and ride baby ride!

My gas tank, too, brimmed once with high-octane spirits, and sped me past the days of my life like trees blurring

by the roadside.
Now, my fuel petcock lever sits on Reserve, a finger-flick from Off.

My throttle-blips at red stoplights belie the go of green to come. A massive truck grinds up my guts in diesel gears behind!
I kick the shifter down to first, give it gas––my clutch slips,

I’m almost lost.

My white-wall tires are dingy with the dirt of half-forgotten highways.

Their flabby rubber over-pressures the combustion chambers of my heart.

My rpms drop, my ignition pulse turns thready, my eyes close like headlights dimming and I dread the final stall to come.

David Floody 2020

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David Floody is a Canadian, young adult novelist living and writing in Tofino, British Columbia on the far west coast of Vancouver Island, in breathtaking Clayoquot Sound. His young adult novel, The Colour of Pride, is set in 1968, a year after the David witnessed the fires of racial hatred consume Detroit in a five-day riot. White fourteen-year-old ballplayer, Frank Phelan, defends and befriends black teenaged ballplayer, Ellie Fitzgerald, from a brutal racist bully during a crucial game of the World Series. David is working on a sequel.

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