Opening Pandora’s Botox

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GIVE me Michael Jackson’s lips,

High my voice and slim my hips.

BOTOX my wrinkles line by line,

Depilated Frankenstein.

LIPO-SUCK my butt cheeks dry,

Belladonna big my eye.

SPLICE my genes with Calvin Klein,

Lift my face and recombine.

AMAZING Bow-flex Power Rods,

Fifteen minutes, look like gods.

PATCHELL Evans Aberator,

Sweat guru fat body hater.

PARIS Hilton worn once dresses,

Vacant head, Medusa tresses.

JEANNE Bekker growing-older,

Fading beauty death-grip holder.

TROPHY wife Trump number three,

But wedding of the century?

FARWELL tour for singer Cher,

Rock-hard nipples, bigger hair.

VUITTON luggage chic and classy,

Helps to hide your sagging assy.

SEXY leather goods from Prada

Let’s all be MARQUIS DE SADA!!!

David Floody 2020

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David Floody - Implosion Press
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David Floody is a Canadian, Young Adult novelist living and writing in Tofino, British Columbia on the far west coast of Vancouver Island, in breathtaking Clayoquot Sound. His Young Adult novel, THE COLOUR OF PRIDE, is set in 1968, a year after the David witnessed the fires of hatred consume Detroit in a five-day race riot. White fourteen-year-old ballplayer, Frank Phelan, defends and befriends Black teenaged ballplayer, Ellie Fitzgerald, from a brutal racist bully during a crucial game of the 1968 World Series. Frank suffers the worst beating of his life. But his baseball hero, Detroit Tigers player Al Kaline, comes to his and Ellie's rescue. The worst day of his life, becomes the best day of his life, and Kaline gives Frank his own baseball cap with the word "Pride" written on the bill, along with all the Tigers team signatures. David's latest Young Adult novel, INSECT YOUTH, is a coming-of-age sequel to The Colour of Pride, set two years later. Frank Phelan, now sixteen, discovers first love with the mysteriously beautiful Starr Summers. But when he and Starr aree exploring a deep railway, they have a violent encounter with his enemy, Dixie, and Frank is knocked unconscious. Frank later suspects Starr has been sexually assaulted when she becomes silent and withdrawn, but she will not talk about it. When the law fails him and Starr runs away. Frank is the only one who can deliver justice to the older punk. In that same valley, in the middle of a BB gun war, Frank puts his finger on the trigger of his powerful Perazzi pellet gun with its telescopic sight. Frank has Dixie's face in his crosshairs. If Frank pulls the trigger, he steps across a thousand lines and can never again step back. He whispers Starr's name. "In moment he fires, Frank sees himself reflected in the lens of Dixie's eye."

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    • David Floody - Implosion Press
      David Floody

      Thanks,Ashlee. I hope more of our young women and men will age in grace and attractiveness without submitting to the pressure of extreme cosmetic fixes. Stay well, David.

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